Top 4 Photography Websites that Will Pay You for Your Photos

The digital age has witnessed an upsurge of technological capabilities that are able to make our lives easier and generate us some revenue. One such area where technology has played a pivotal role is stock photography. Individuals can take beautiful pictures of pretty much anything and sell them throughout the world. You can find photos to get inspired in platforms like Shopify. And with magazines, web developers, book publishers, marketing organizations, and interior decorators searching for high-quality stock photographs to propel their brands, stock photography is increasingly becoming a lucrative business. The big question, however, is: Where can you sell high-quality photos to generate some income. Check out the list of photography websites below:

  • Submit Stock Photos – One of the best photography websites to sell your photos

    This website accepts only high-resolution photos, and they must be 3 mega Pixels or larger. The photos you submit to sell must be 100% yours. Also, the photos should not contain copyrighted property like logos and trademarks. Images of persons are frowned upon. Other requirements include dust-free, scratch-free and noise-free photos. The lighting should be superb and the photos on focus.

    The more high-resolution images you submit to the site, the more money you can make. An average photographer makes $1 per image every month, which means if you sold 500 photos, you make $500. The site allows you to keep 100% ownership of the photos, but the site resells the license to use the photos.

  • IStock Photo – Make decent income through this renowned photography website

    IStock Photo is a platform where you can list your high-quality photos and earn a good income from them. Every time someone downloads your photo, you get a royalty rate of 15%. You can upgrade to increase your earning potential here. If you registered more than 250 downloads and you have an approval rating of 50%, you’re free to make this photography website your exclusive agent. When you succeed to do that, your commission rate increases to 22%. It can go up to 45%. You can request a payment when your earning reaches $100.

    • Deposit Photos – One of the top photography websites to sell your photos online

    Deposit photos is a platform that lets you sell your photos conveniently without breaking sweat. It's pretty easy to start selling here. You only need to register a contributors account, pass an examination test (the test requires that you upload some of your best sample photos) and upload your photos to the website. Your uploaded photos are rigorously checked by the site inspectors to determine the quality and copyright infringement. If your photos meet the site's requirements, they go live on the website. As you record more sales, you level up. The higher you go, the higher your royalties get. For customers who buy photos and go, you get commission of between 44 and 52 percent. If people with subscriptions buy your photos, you get commission ranging from 30 and 35 percent.

  • Sell your images for commercial use on Dreamstime

    This is another incredible photography website you should check if you’re looking to sell your photos online. You get paid in the region of 24 to 60 percent of any sale you make. You can only request payment when your account has $100. You can get an idea of the characteristics of the best selling images by checking out their best selling images page. All photos you submit must be in JPG format, RGB, sRGB, and noise-free. The minimum size must be 3 MPs and a maximum of 70 MP.

    There you go. If you’re a photography enthusiast, take advantage of these sites and sell your photos. You will be shocked how much you can make each month to supplement your main income. The secret to selling more photos in these websites is to submit high-resolution photos, choose a subject that sells, and the saturation of data on that very subject.