4 Tips for a Better Photography Website

It takes more than beautiful photos to make your website successful; you need to know the tips and tricks of making your website good.

In this post, I will give you four tips you need to know to have a better photography website.

  1. Blog regularly. I know almost everyone tells you to have a blog, but not everyone tells you how often you should post on a blog. I understand that you need a blog, but if you can’t blog consistently, then don’t start a blog at all. If you don’t blog regularly, it will make you look lazy and unserious. However, if you can take the time and patience to build a blog, it would help you generate traffic for your website and even potential customers. However, you must post what is in line with your niche (photography). You can post about the benefits of family photos, or write posts about what to wear.

  1. Have an awesome storefront. Your website is your storefront window, and your storefront determines how your customers think about your business. So when you are designing your store front, you should think of what you want their experience to be like when they visit your website, how you want them to feel. You should make sure that your visitors and customers get the best of the best when they visit your website. It might take lots of time and patience to create an awesome website, but it is worth the trouble. It can make you expand your online influence.

  1. Make sure your website is mobile friendly. Most of the traffic of your website comes from mobile. So you have to make sure that your site is mobile friendly (it has to look good on desktop and mobile). You should look for what is called responsive design. Since most of your traffic might come from mobile, you have to have a mobile friendly website.

  1. Make sure that your contact information is very clear on your site. Most visitors will only patronize you if they can connect you. If they cannot easily connect with you, you will lose lots of potential customers. You have nothing to lose including an email address, phone number and a contact form on your website. Make sure it is very easy for your customers to find you. You should add your contact information on every page on your site.

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