5 Brilliant Places Designers Can Find Free Stock Photos 

The internet is filled with free images for commercial use. Google Search is probably the most utilized tool to find thousands of images. Something to note before going crazy in your search is that there is such a thing as licensing for every image found online. Simply look at the back of the image to check for the licensing or use Google Advanced Search to select the type of image you want. This way, you will be following specific instructions for each image that will keep away from silly, money-and-time-consuming lawsuits and court hearings.

Some websites usually have this part of the work done for you. However, it is never a bad idea to check and recheck for any copyright issues hidden within the terms of each free image.

§  Photography websites with free images for commercial use

There are several websites with professional and high-quality images uploaded for the primary purpose of helping those in need of these pictures. And some of them are taken by professional photographers.

Below are the top five places to find photography website templates:

  1. Stokpic by professional photographer Ed Gregory. The beauty his images portray have been able to help thousands in need of images for their businesses, blogs, adverts, newspapers, mock ups, and websites.
  2. Cupcake where you can find free pictures of nature and landscapes in their original form perfect to use for hero images. The best part is the images are licensed by the CCO, Creative Commons License. CCO allows users the freedom to use images free of charge.
  3. SplitShire whose mission is to help users generate great content with their high-quality images that focus on portrait and abstract.
  4. Pixabay that uploads both images and videos free of copyright under CCO. You can download to use, modify or even redistribute these royalty free images for commercial use. Their extensive library comes with illustrations and vectors.
  5. StockSnap where you can find high-resolution images uploaded on a weekly basis. These images come in a wide variety with different niches to choose from, as well as free from any copyright restrictions.

§  Other places to find free images for commercial use

Google Search can bring dozens of results for “where to find free pictures,” however, using the Advanced Search icon to look for specified searches is more ideal. You will find more photography website templates for your site that can be used commercially without copyright restrictions.

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